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[Spigen Inc]세계3위 모바일 악세서리기업 인턴사원 채용

세계 모바일 액세서리 시장 3위인 기업, Spigen Inc 입니다.

Spigen은 2009년 스마트폰 케이스와 액정보호필름 제조를 시작으로 

현재는 블루투스 이어폰, 차량용 거치대 등 다양한 모바일 액세서리를 제조·판매하고 있습니다.

또한 미국 아마존 유통 플랫폼을 활용해 세계 60여개국에 수출하고 있답니다.


● Spigen Inc

웹사이트 :

모집안내 :

· 직책 : IT / HR Assistant / Labeling / Sales Admin / Logistics / Accounting / Customer Support / Graphic Designer

· 근무지역 : 캘리포니아

· 근무시간 : 9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM

· 급여 : $12.00/hour *6개월 근속 후 인상 있음 (초과근무시 시간당 1.5배 Paid)

· 상세업무내용 :

Sales Admin : Cyrill Sales Representative will be dealing with internal customer (SBD, DB, WBD), and finds new sales leads through business directories and client referrals, etc

Logistics : Spigen is looking for a supply chain management specialist who manages overall supply chain and logistics strategy for our e-commerce operations. This position is expected to perform day to day data entry and report and project based support for proposals and demand planning.

Accounting : This position is responsible for the management of sales and relationships with our direct accounts. They will manage the internal information of our brands and provide needed information to our direct accounts to drive sales and growth.

Customer Support : Customer service representatives help customers with complaints and questions, give customers information about products and services, take orders, and process returns. To do well in this role you need to be able to remain calm when customers are frustrated and have experience working with computers.

Graphic Designer : In all aspects of their duties, the Graphic Designer is responsible for the creation of product feature description and advertising graphics. Also, the designer will be responsible for completing projects from concept to completion while collaborating with the team, including but not limited to the Art Director, Project Managers, Sales, Marketing, to fulfill all requests.


· 채용시 마감

※ 입사지원서 제출 후 첨삭 서비스를 무료로 제공하고 있습니다.

※ J1 비자 발급 비용 본인 부담입니다.

※ 이력서 및 지원관련 문의 : Tel. 02-6268-2280 / Email :

※ 상담예약: