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[미국인턴/메릴랜드]식품대기업 Ree Bros Inc. / IT Associate 채용모집

● Rhee Bros

○ 웹사이트 :

○ 외국인 비율: 50%


Rhee Bros., Inc. is one of the largest importers of Asian food in the United States. Our mission is to provide our customers best-in-class distribution services through innovative products, sourcing, and logistics solutions in Pan-Asian Food. Located in Hanover, MD, Rhee Bros currently serves independent Asian retailers, wholesale grocery and chain retailers, food service distributors, chain restaurants, and manufacturers.

At Rhee Bros, our employees are the heart and soul of what we do. For two generations, we’ve become more diverse with talented professionals from all walks of life and backgrounds, and we aim to continue that tradition for years to come.

The physical heart of Rhee Brothers is our main distribution center in Hanover, MD. Our warehouse and transportation teams handle over 20,000 cases of dry, refrigerated, and frozen products every day. Food quality is paramount to our customers, and we pride ourselves on the safety and cleanliness of our 230,000 square-foot warehouse. Rhee Bros is a third-party food safety audited facility.

 - 직원수 200명 이상, 매출액 7천억 규모의 기업입니다. 


· 직책 : IT Associate 

· 근무지역 : 미국 메릴랜드주, Hanover(본사)

· 연 환산급여: 약 $37,440 / Year [주 40시간 52주 근무 기준 이며, 주말 및 공휴일 over time 근무에 따라 변동 가능 / 초과근무 시 시간당  $27 추가지급]

· 기타사항: 거주지역을 추천해주실 예정이며, 최대한 카풀을 지원해드릴 예정입니다. 

상세업무 내용 :

The IT Associate position is responsible for performing all aspects of customer service and support related to our Company's IT infrastructure. Key areas of responsibility include providing end user support for company's IT systems, procuring, and maintaining the company's IT assets, managing IT system projects, and controlling access to company data.

Key Responsibilities :

Ensures network uptime via monitoring of usage, maintenance of equipment, regular backups, and proactive problem solving.

Plans, coordinates, and implements an effective network security strategy.

Ensures the Company's confidential data and systems are protected from outside threats.

Continually evaluates the company's asset requirements and procures hardware/software/devices at competitive prices.

Maintains records of Company's technology related assets according to needs of the Finance department.

Provides useful training to employees on how to use Company technology and software.

Responds to "help desk" requests in a timely and thorough manner.

Maintains records and keeps track of all information to create reporting on issues and their resolutions.

Quickly and correctly identifies the user's issue or problem, recommends efficient and lasting solutions, executes solutions.

Manages access to company data stored in system databases (e.g., ERP, WMS, etc.,).

Responds to data requests in a timely and thorough manner.

Assists in creating reporting for other teams within the company.

Queries data to help users answer operational questions.

Continually develops a deep understanding of our organization's technology infrastructure, hardware, software, and user needs.

Develops broad knowledge of best practices for addressing above areas.

Provides useful training to employees on how to use Company technology and software.

Work with designated project managers and department stakeholders to document work processes and requirements.

Develops use cases and test scripts for system implementation.

Develops subject matter expertise in systems configurations, data structures, and processes. Develops and executes training sessions for users.

Prepares user documentation for systems.

Requirements :

Associate degree or an equivalent level of training or experience

Korean language proficiency preferred but not required.

Relevant experience in a tech support or customer service role or an equivalent skill set

Strong computer skills and technical knowledge

Strong problem-solving ability

Understanding of basic networking, including subnet, routing and VLAN Strong data manipulation skills

Excel basics required

SQL experience preferred.


· 채용시 마감

※ 위 급여기준은 '한국산업인력공단 민간알선공고 급여계산기준'에 따라 작성되었으며,  공휴일과 추가근무에 따라 변동될 수 있습니다.

※ 입사 시 파견직이 아닌  합격하신 기업의 소속으로 근무하게 됩니다.

※ 비자 발급비용은 본인 부담입니다.

※ 지원관련 문의 : Tel. 02-6268-2280 / Email :

※ 상담신청 URL:

주식회사 사이다링크

대표 : 이상영

주소 : 서울시 서초구 남부순환로347길 60, 돔빌딩 3층

전화번호 : 02-6268-2280

E-Mail :

사업자등록번호 : 240-86-01348

유료직업소개사업 등록번호 : 서울청 유 제2021-2호


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