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[미국인턴/뉴욕] 뷰티 대기업 KISS GROUP / 각 부문 채용모집


○ 웹사이트 :

○ 회사소개 :

○ 직원수 : 뉴욕&뉴저지 포함 약 1,000명 / 외국인 비율 40%


A Korean-American company headquartered in New York, KISS takes great pride in being a global leader in professional quality beauty products and treatments, with brands available in over 100 countries worldwide.

Inspired by the power and excitement of life-changing beauty breakthroughs such as the handheld blow-dryer, which allowed women to break ties with the beauty parlor, Mr. John Chang–who started KISS as a tiny beauty supply business–has made it his mission to find ways to make life simpler & easier for all. With his world-renowned team of scientists & product developers, the KISS founder’s passion is to invent DIY beauty products that save women a tremendous amount of time, effort and money.


·채용직무 : 1. Graphic/Package Design부문,  2. Finance / Accounting부문, 3. IT Helpdesk부문, 4. Data Analyst부문

· 채용인원: 0명

· 근무지역: Port Washington, NY

· 근무기간: 1년 이상 가능자

· 근무시간: 주 40시간

· 급여: 수습기간 3개월 $15/ an hour,  이후 평가 결과에 따라 $16 / an hour로 조정 

· 연 환산급여: 약 $31,200 / year (주 40시간 52주 근무 기준 이며, 주말 및 공휴일 over time 근무에 따라 변동 가능)


- 아침/점심/저녁 무료제공 (본사 소속의 American Food와 Asian Food  Chef가 각각 있으며 직접 요리합니다)

- 대중교통 Station에서 셔틀버스 지원예정

- 12개월 만기근무자의 경우 $1,000 보너스 지급

- 회사내 GYM 무료이용 (농구장 이용도 가능)

- 당사 내 Cafeteira 입점되어 있음.

· 안내사항:  마케팅&디자인 포지션은 포트폴리오 제출 필수


1. Package & Graphic Designer부문 Job Description Summary: 

- Graphic/Package Designer is responsible for conceptualization and implementation of design solutions that meet marketing strategies. The Designer plays a role on any given project and may also assist the Art Director as a associate designer to create concepts, comps, layouts, and final art. 

* Creation of design solutions, from concept to completion, in a wide range of graphic and package applications including collateral/sales materials, package graphics, brand identity

* He/she presents visual solutions to internal clients and helps communicate strategies behind design ideas and executions.

* He/she also acts as the resource manager to help keep projects on track.

* Ultimately the Senior Graphic/Package Designer concepts, designs and art directs collateral and sales material that creatively and consistently reflect the appropriate brand identity.


2.  Finance / Accounting부문 Job Description Summary:

- Responsible for draw-up and control of annual budget for domestic and international entities by closely working with internal teams. S/he will be responsible for the periodic and ad hoc financial analysis in terms of growth as well as profitability perspectives. S/he will also be responsible for financing and maintaining a compliance with financial institution’s covenants. 

* Annual budget draw-up and daily budget control

* Periodic financial analysis, new project projection review and CAPEX analysis

* Financing and maintaining compliance of financial covenants

* Internal financial audit of accounting policies and regulatory requirements.

* Management of Int’l entities’ accounting, tax, treasury and financials.

3. IT Helpdest 부문 Job Description Summary:

- The IT Help Desk Associate will offer support and technical assistance to customers who are using software, hardware, or other computer systems and need help completing tasks or troubleshooting problems through diagnostic tests and remote access to their computers. 

* Serves as the first point of contact for customers seeking technical assistance over the phone, email or ticket system

* Perform remote troubleshooting through diagnostic techniques and pertinent questions

* Determine the best solution based on the issue and details provided by customers

* Walk the customer through the problem-solving process

* Direct unresolved issues to the next level of support personnel

* Provide accurate information on IT products or services

* Record events and problems and their resolution in logs

* Follow-up and update customer status and information

* Pass on any feedback or suggestions by customers to IT team

* Identify and suggest possible improvements on procedures

* Install MS office s/w products and manage accounts

* Manage company phone system

* Install Windows 7 & 10 and manage accounts

* Support Sales Apps on PC, MAC, and Mobile devices

* Manage IT assets thru IT Management Systems

* Other IT related tasks given by managers

4. Data Analyst  부문 Job Description Summary: (업데이트 예정)


· 채용시 마감

※ 위 급여기준은 '한국산업인력공단 민간알선공고 급여계산기준'에 따라 작성되었으며,  공휴일과 추가근무에 따라 변동될 수 있습니다.

※ 입사 시 파견직이 아닌  합격하신 기업의 소속으로 근무하게 됩니다.

※ 비자 발급비용은 본인 부담입니다.

※ 지원관련 문의 : Tel. 02-6268-2280 / Email :

※ 상담신청 URL:

주식회사 사이다링크

대표 : 이상영

주소 : 서울시 서초구 남부순환로347길 60, 돔빌딩 3층

전화번호 : 02-6268-2280

E-Mail :

사업자등록번호 : 240-86-01348

유료직업소개사업 등록번호 : 서울청 유 제2021-2호


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